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australian resources

world labyrinth day resources

Peace prayers for WLD (Randal Dennings 2019)

Check-list for community engagement for WLD (Lisa Shortridge 2019)

Format for home-based labyrinths Taking Steps Together (Randal Dennings 2020)

Format for home-based labyrinths Taking Steps Together Faith Based (Randal Dennings 2020)

Walking Pathways of Peace Together - Family Resources for Communities of Faith (Randal Dennings 2021)

event resources

You need to submit the completed checklist below to ALN Council for approval if you wish to access ALN Public Liability or Volunteer Insurance for labyrinth events.

Please answer the questions about the details of the event, as relevant for your event.

Risk Management Checklist


A labyrinth walk and mandala reflection experience  Fleming, Crosbie & Pearson (2020)

petit chartre design

download this 10 page document on how to create this 7 circuit petit-chartres design by geoff rodda

reconciliation labyrinth design

this 1 page document by Geoff Rodda gives suggestions on how to walk the reconciliation labyrinth.

© Clare Wilson, 2002, South Africa

Download this 6 page document created by Geoff Rodda on how to create this 5 circuit reconciliation labyrinth design. If you use the design, please credit Clare Wilson, 2002 and send photos of the installation to clare [at] labyrinths.co.za . The story of the Reconciliation Labyrinth can be found here.

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