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If you have an idea of a labyrinth-related project that you would like to get some support for, please get in touch admin [at] aln.org.au . We already have projects like the Labyrinths in Schools project that is running World Labyrinth Day in Schools ... like most networks, ALN is a diffuse and yet resilient connection of passionate people doing what they love... and the 'doing' sometimes takes precedence over the 'telling'. 

Our latest project is an offering of a smorgasbord of discussion groups, presentations and experiences called the Labyrinth Lovers Newsreel. It is for members only, so if you're not a member already, please consider joining us!

Upcoming events

    • 18 Feb 2023
    • 9:00 AM (AEST)
    • Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre, Ormiston, QLD

    Santa Teresa Labyrinth, photo: Sue Thomas

    Walking the Sacred Path of Being

    A Contemplative Day & Veriditas Qualifying Workshop

    Saturday 18 February 2023
    9am – 3.30pm

    Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre
    267 Wellington St
    Ormiston, Qld 4160­­­

    If you are new to labyrinths, or if you have had experience with walking labyrinths, this quiet day offers opportunities to walk the labyrinth as meditation - quieting the mind, and being in the here and now. An invitation to let go of noise and distraction, and immerse into the still quiet space of being. 

    During our time together, we will learn about the Santa Teresa Labyrinth on Quandamooka Country, and how walking a labyrinth as a contemplative path invites us into sacred space.

    Participants may use their attendance on this day as a Qualifying Workshop towards Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator Training. Contact Sue for more information sue@suethomas.net.au and download the flyer here.

    Cost: $150. Includes catered morning tea and lunch, resources, and use of the grounds and contemplative space in the beautiful environment of Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre.

    Presenter: Sue Thomas, Spiritual Director, Veriditas Advanced Facilitator and Trainer.

    “The labyrinth belongs to no one and everyone” has been a grounding mantra in my work, as I walk labyrinths, draw labyrinths on beaches, work with peers in creating large portable calico labyrinths, and use the hand labyrinth for journaling and reflection in many facets of my life and life’s work.

    I live on the land of the Yugambeh language peoples, the traditional custodians of the Gold Coast region in South-East Queensland. My long association with using the labyrinth as a tool for contemplative, meditative and spiritual practices began many years ago when the labyrinth ‘found’ me in Year 11 at high school through an “Art and Architecture in History” subject. Using the labyrinth as a tool for contemplation and reflection in my previous role as Lay Pastoral Minister for Brisbane Catholic Archdiocese, my current work as Spiritual Director and retreat facilitator, and my personal spiritual practice has been grounded and enriched by connecting with Veriditas. I am a certified Veriditas Advanced Facilitator and Trainer, a member of Veriditas Faculty, and a member of the Australian Labyrinth Network.

    • 17 Mar 2023
    • 1:30 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • 19 Mar 2023
    • 4:30 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Pippin Hill, Cygnet, Tasmania

    5th ALN National Gathering 2023


    Spiralling into Self …Spiralling into Community

    Friday 17 March 1:30 pm - Sunday 19 March 4:30 pm 2023

    pre & post gathering workshops

    Thursday 16 & Monday 20 March

    Pippin Hill, 89 Connors Road, Cygnet, Tasmania 7112

    You are invited to join fellow labyrinth lovers in a pilgrimage to and for the heart. Here's the draft program.

    In the beautiful Huon Valley, fellow ALN members Tina Christensen and Mark Healy have created a pilgrimage experience through nine labyrinths across twelve acres. 

    Meandering through sensory botanical gardens, find yourself gravitating to the design that moves you. An opportunity to walk at your own pace far from daily life with beautiful soul questions as your guides.

    The spaciousness of pilgrimage is present in the program with generous time for reflection and integration. There will be celebratory feasts of fabulous organic produce for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Dr Lauren Artress will zoom in to start our day on Saturday, and will share from her rich experience as a founder of the modern labyrinth movement, and an esteemed author of several books, including "The Path of the Holy Fool".

    Pilgrimage at Pippin Hill offers easy walking terrain across fields and…if you prefer to walk the labyrinth designs by hand, sit and traverse them in the Rose Garden at the centre of everything. 

    This year you get to choose your own accomodation as there are many options available to suit your heart, travel and pocket, in and around Cygnet. We will include some suggestions to get you on your booking path.

    Pre-gathering Workshop - The Lightness of Zero

    16 March 2023, 2-5pm

    A pre-gathering afternoon workshop  (Thursday 16 March 2-5pm) will focus on ‘The Lightness of  Zero’ as preparation for the Gathering. This will be presented by Mark Healy and is based on the Kenzan process that  he learnt whilst living in Yamagishi communities in Japan. 

    Kensan means ‘sharpening the point’. It is a tool for deep exploration into the questions of life that we can bring to ourself and group facilitations. Being able to design the right questions is an art. We will harvest from our collective mind these questions to use in our future labyrinth walks. We will sit in Kensan and explore the question that is waiting for us as a group.

    Post-gathering Workshop - EFT Tapping

    Monday 20 March 2023, 10am-12pm

    A post-gathering morning workshop (Monday 20 March 10am-12pm) presented by Theresa Virgona (Ange Virgona’s beloved) who is a trained and gifted EFT practitioner.

    Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) more commonly known as Tapping and how they can be used in conjunction with the labyrinth for greater wellbeing. 

    Participants will be introduced to this self-help tool and practice the Tapping technique. In situations of physical or emotional stress, Tapping brings on a sense of calm.  Therese will guide us in how we can integrate the experiences from our time together at Pilgrimage of the Heart, even more easefully and rapidly with Tapping.

    March in Tasmania is long mild days, harvest season, lots of visitors. 

    We strongly recommend you book your accomodation and travel mode asap. Inexpensive flights to Hobart can be bought in advance - check out Jetstar weekly alerts for this. Airbnb’s are already filling for March so if that’s your preference…get your fingers tapping!

    Accommodation options

    Please organise your own accommodation or download the information about the accommodation which has been reserved for Gathering participants ranging in price from $62 - $186 per night for a single person. We are booking the accommodation separately, and you will need to contact our Booking person, Joy Bowles on ejoybowles@gmail.com to ask if your preferred room is still available, and to make a booking.

    Other useful stuff

    Car-pooling Gathering participants might want to car-pool and drive to Cygnet from Hobart. If you need support connecting with other participants email admin@aln.org.au

    Dietary needs Gluten free and vegetarian meals are available (Please complete the relevant section in the registration form). Please indicate if you have any allergies. 

    What to bring Bring all personal items including weather appropriate clothing, umbrella, sturdy footwear, sunscreen, water bottles, hats, journal etc. 

    Products for display/sale If you have products that you would like to display (and sell) over the weekend please email admin@aln.org.au. 

    Health & Safety

    Please note this is a fragrance-free event. Please use any insect repellents, essential oils or incense outdoors, away from other guests.

    COVID-Safe requirements It is your responsibility to consult with your home State or Territory government COVID web pages to ensure you will be able to travel and attend the Gathering and return. If in doubt, join us on Zoom!!!

    Cancellation & Refund terms

    If you need to cancel, a full refund will be given if you cancel before Thurs 16 February, 50% refund if you cancel between Thursday 16 February and Thursday 2 March, no refund if you cancel on or after Friday 3 March.

    If we need to cancel the event, all fees will be refunded, and attendees notified by email. We recommend that you obtain travel insurance, in case of unexpected weather or health events.

    • 5 May 2023
    • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Global

    Peaceful Hearts: WLDES 2023            

    We invite teachers and anyone who works in schools to register an event for Friday 5 May in their local time, and to use our resources as launching pads for creating an experience that connects both their school community and the global community.

    While participation in World Labyrinth Day in Educational Settings (WLDES) is entirely optional we are really interested in seeing how far afield the event is celebrated. We encourage registration so that we can scope the global scale of participation. And if you are able to share images of your event we would love to see those too. Our contact email and Facebook page link are in the Checklist document on our Resources page.

    Please click on the blue REGISTER button and we’ll get in touch to support you. Meanwhile, on our Resources page you can download the WLDES Flyer, a handy WLDES checklist, activities document Peaceful Hearts Guide, Teacher Notes, a PPT Introduction to Labyrinths, and many more documents relating to the what, when, where, why and how of labyrinths.

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