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library awareness project resources

* Four colours of A3 poster to copy and print - PNG format
* How to approach a library optional templates

Optional templates to use when contacting libraries

Phone or email contact for a library

  •    If you already have good contacts at the local library, it’s best to work through these contacts if you can
  •   Whether sending an email or making the major contact by phone, it’s good to ring the Library to find out who is responsible for organising displays
  •  Ask this person whether it is best to speak to them at a local level or whether the request should be made centrally through the local council and ask for contact details.

Script template for phone

If the script below is useful, please feel free to use it or modify it.

“The reason for the call/email is that Amanda Lohrey’s book The Labyrinth has won the Miles Franklin award.  I’m a labyrinth lover and a local, and I was wondering if you might be at all interested in having a small display around labyrinths in the library?  Perhaps something to fill out the kind of information that’s in the book? 

I’m not really sure if this is the kind of activity that the Library would be interested in, or if you’re planning a display on the book when we’re fully open, but I’m hoping I can work with you on this.”

If it seems appropriate, you may want to offer to run a question and answer session or even run finger labyrinth meditations if your library has a program that can accommodate this.  Make sure you highlight the fact that the labyrinth is not associated with any particular religious group, and that we are not planning to proselytise or ask for money.  The idea is just to raise awareness and demystify some aspects of the labyrinth arising from the book.

Email written to Library Officer at local council

Dear [NAME]

I am writing to follow up the excellent news that Amanda Lohrey’s book The Labyrinth won the Miles Franklin Award last yaer.  I am emailing you because/the librarian from the [Local library name] suggested that you may be the person to assist with my inquiry/OR I am hoping that you can assist me with my inquiry.

Just by way of a brief introduction to myself:  I am a resident of [this local area] and a member of an organisation called the Australian Labyrinth Network.  Our goal is to connect people who have an interest in labyrinths across Australia, and raise awareness of labyrinths as a tool for creativity and meditation.  We also offer a range of resources to assist teachers to incorporate labyrinths into their curricular or mindfulness activities.  We are not affiliated with any religious or political group and do not offer training.  I’m sure you will see that both the narrative and the detail of Amanda Lohrey’s book resonate with our activities. 

I was hoping that you might be amenable to the possibility of my putting up a display to complement any display that you might be planning about The Labyrinth in the local branch libraries?  The kind of display I had in mind was one or two posters and perhaps brochures directing readers to websites where they can find out more information about labyrinths if they wish.  These posters and brochures would use a different font and colour scheme to the book to ensure that they do not suggest any kind of direct affiliation with the book, the author or the publisher. The timing  of this display would of course depend on the advice of NSW Health, and after that whatever timing fits in with any other events you are planning.

I am more than happy to attend some of these displays in person if this is acceptable – apologies if I am asking for something which is not acceptable – I’m just unclear about where the parameters lie.  I would have no intention of “proselitising” on behalf of the ALN or any other organisation – just answering questions from curious readers about labyrinths.

On the other hand, if you are not planning any display, would it be possible for my materials to stand alone on a display board to display stand if this is acceptable? 

I look forward to hearing what ideas or advice you might have to offer.

The Australian Labyrinth Society’s website is:

Kind regards

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