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trained labyrinth facilitators


Penny Jones - central Sydney

I have been working with the labyrinth since first encountering it in 2001, in community, church and retreat centre contexts. I am a Veriditas accredited facilitator, spiritual director and Anglican Priest, currently with permission to serve in the Uniting Church and based in central Sydney. I was honoured to assist in the development of the labyrinths at St Joseph’s Kincumber Spirituality and Education Centre and at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Toowoomba. I have led labyrinth walks in many places, with a wide variety of groups and individuals, including schools and people of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Email: penehj24 [at]

Phone: 0477 444 095



Elizabeth Schiemer - Port Stephens

Elizabeth Schiemer is a Veriditas  Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator in Port Stephens, NSW.

I was a registered nurse, interested in mind-body medicine, a Neurosemantic coach with Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, a volunteer with Port Stephens Suicide Prevention Network and facilitating  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction meditation  when I was introduced to labyrinths 10 years ago and began to research the potential mental health benefits of walking the labyrinth. 

To meet labyrinth teachers I joined Veriditas, TLS and the ALN to learn more and completed the virtual Veriditas Advanced Facilitator training in  2021.   My article  "Ă„riadne's Thread. The Labyrinth of our Body Mind"  was published in TLS Pathways magazine Nov 2021. This swallow dive into anatomy and physiology and the physiological effects of a walk in a labyrinth is now available at

I have been learning about the Divine or Golden ratio throughout our body and the labyrinth for energy healing and am now studying ley lines and song lines across Australia for the Legacy Labyrinth Project.  

With 2 canvas labyrinths I have promoted labyrinths in the Hunter through workshops, attendance at wellness Festivals and local social groups and am happy to be contacted to meet with interest groups and assist with establishing labyrinths in the Hunter region. 

Contact:  elizabethschiemer [at]


Louise Mason - Adelaide

Louise's journey with labyrinths is about twelve years long. It started when, as a Teacher Educator specialising in online learning, she was looking for student resources to bring more affective (feelings-based) elements to values education. It seemed to her that there was an over-emphasis on cognitive elements. Since then she has:

  • become a devoted labyrinth walker and seeker-outer of labyrinths in her travels.
  • been actively involved in the building of a large outdoor Chartres-design labyrinth.
  • built several in her own (former) garden.
  • painted wall labyrinths for her (now) garden and home.
  • made several portable labyrinths of various designs.
  • trained as a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator.
  • led community events incorporating labyrinth walks.
  • facilitated teacher workshops and class activities.
  • incorporated labyrinth walking into school resource learning sequences.
  • developed labyrinth walks for professional growth through her FB page.
  • begun work on an illustrated Children’s Book (about labyrinths!).

Design and development of her website labyrinth resources is ongoing. She is Chair of the ALN Labyrinths in Educational Settings Working Group and is finding that her long Teacher Educator experience in professional learning is marrying beautifully with this new labyrinth work that at times seems to be writing itself (e.g. on sunset beach walks).

Email: lmlouiselrm[at]

website email: learningwithlabyrinths[at]


QLD - South East

Randal and Susan Dennings - South East QLD

This couple are SEQ Regional Representatives of the ALN and convenors of the Anglican Labyrinth Resource Group. 

Our labyrinth work includes facilitated walks, events and activities, retreats,"Labyrinth Information Booths" at community events and we also support SEQ Anglican School and Prison Chaplaincies.

We tailor our facilitation to suit the walkers' needs and faith traditions [ we happily work with those of all faiths and none]

We also provide a "weekly walking message" based upon the set Gospel for the week 

Email: randaldennings [at] 

Phone: 0408 878 711

QLD - Brisbane

Judith Keller is a Veriditas trained facilitator, currently taking steps towards Certification.  She is a former University lecturer with a background in education, spirituality and the arts. She is a Certified Deeptime leader and curator of sacred space drawing on poetry, music, and meditation. Her focus is working with online Chartres style finger meditation events to deepen the sense of our ecological and cosmic selves and to integrate the contemplative and active aspects within this focus.  She teaches mindfulness poetry and creative paths on the Chartres labyrinth, online weekly opportunities to creatively engage with the handheld Chartres Labyrinth in the company of others.  Judith lives at Southport, Qld.

QLD - Sunshine Coast

Jessica Fleming - Sunshine Coast

Jessica is a Veriditas Advanced Facilitator, and a Masters degree counselor with decades of experience with one to one, groups, counselling supervision, workshops, and retreats, particularly with creative arts therapies and the labyrinth.  We hold bi-monthly Walks on our Mark Healy portable Chartres labyrinth at the Glass House Mountains Community Hall, finishing off the Walk with Mandala Drawing and sharing.

Email: jessica [at]

Michelle Eckles - Sunshine Coast

I am a Veriditas trained and certified labyrinth facilitator as well as a qualified mindfulness and meditation teacher. I have a portable 5m labyrinth (mirror/pass through design so people enter one end and leave the other end without having to pass each other), as well as wooden finger labyrinths which I incorporate into Mindfulness for Calm, Clarity and Connection workshops for the general public at the botanic gardens in tanawha as well as for special events upon request for kids, teens, adults, organisations, etc. 



Phone: 0438 915 830


Email:  admin [@]

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