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regional representatives

To support local groups of labyrinth lovers, we have created the roles of regional representatives. If you have a group of people around you who love labyrinths and want to hold events, have training or come to our Gatherings, you may be interested in becoming a member and taking on a regional representative role. Please read this document about what the purposes of the regional representatives are, and then get in contact with us to let us know you're interested. The 'email us' link in the orange box at the bottom of the page is best.

To see where labyrinths are located across Australia, please view our interactive map, and feel free to send us details of your own labyrinths if they aren't already up there.

role description

The commitment is minimal. Just a small amount of time each month yields great benefits for the region served. Regional Representatives may spend 1-3 hours per month (or more if they wish!) participating in labyrinth related work. For more information, contact

We encourage you to become familiar with our website, connect with members and other labyrinth enthusiasts in your region, and send us stories for our newsletter. You are warmly welcome to attend ALN activities, and we can also advertise your local labyrinth activities to our members. Brief training and ongoing resources are provided, including our quarterly e-Newsletter Labyrinths Matter, access to our Zoom video-conferencing for meetings, and a closed Regional Reps Facebook group.

purposes of regional representatives

1. Encouraging the use of the labyrinth as a sanctuary for contemplation, and prayer, a symbol of wholeness, integration, as a metaphor for the journey through life, and to celebrate the seasons.

2. Educating the public about the personal and communal benefits of labyrinth walking; and about the use of the labyrinth as a holistic tool for self-care.

3. Encouraging opportunities for the public to experience labyrinth walking by creating/ holding/ promoting labyrinth events on World Labyrinth Day, solstice/ equinox, and seasonal celebrations.

4. Updating existing labyrinth listings on the Labyrinth Locator , adding new listings and developing regional awareness of the labyrinth trails visible on the Locator. This is an important function for building labyrinth awareness and promoting local and regional events.

5. Skills development in labyrinth facilitation, and labyrinth construction. Participation in our training opportunities will further your role as a regional representative of the ALN.

6. Development of your labyrinth work in your community, linking with other Regional Representatives to create our Australian Labyrinth Network at a grass-roots level.

Illawarra Region, NSW

Immanuel Creagh

immanuelsowelu [at]

Hunter Region, NSW


Elizabeth Schiemer

elizabethschiemer [at]

Elizabeth aims to gather an interest group to educate and encourage the use of labyrinths as a tool for mental and spiritual wellbeing throughout the Hunter.

New England Region NSW

Joy Bowles

labyrintharmidale [at]

Joy held the space for a labyrinth in Armidale in 2010 after her visit to Chartres Cathedral, and by 2014 had created a semi-permanent community labyrinth in Armidale's Civic Park using the Chartres Cathedral design.

In 2016, Joy was one of the original group of people that got together and helped ground the vision of the Australia Labyrinth Network, long cherished by Geoff & Lorraine Rodda. She was the first Secretary of the ALN, and helps maintain the website.

Cygnet, TAS

Mark Healy

magicpathman [at]

Brisbane Region, SE QLD

Randal & Susan Dennings 

randaldennings [at]

0408 878711

Our region facilitates regular Labyrinth workshops  and Labyrinth events. These events include World Labyrinth Day, New Year's Eve, NAIDOC week and other times of community celebration and reflection. Our local members include people whose passions embrace Prison Labyrinth Ministry and facilitating Labyrinth practice in schools, local community venues and churches .

We also regularly distribute "virtual walk" reflections for private and family walks  use finger labyrinths.

Please contact us if you wish to receive updates of local happenings, labyrinth events and activities. Most events are free and folks of all levels of experience and being of "all faiths and none" are assured of a warm welcome :)

Sunshine Coast Region Qld

Jessica Fleming

 jessica [at]

Misha Crosbie

Crozmish [at]

Misha Crozbie and Jessica Fleming are             Masters degree counsellors with decades of     experience one to one,groups, counselling   supervision,workshops,retreats,particularly   with creative arts therapies and the labyrinth.   We hold bi-monthly Walks on our Mark Healy   portable Chartres labyrinth at the Glass House   Mountains Community Hall, finishing off the   Walk with Mandala Drawing and sharing.

Please register with:

jessica [at]

Wide Bay Region, QLD

Ramona Lane

Ramona has been involved with labyrinths in ceremonial settings for over 20 years, and loves conducting ceremonies and rituals in the labyrinth. Contact admin [at] if you would like to be put in touch with Ramona.

South West Gippsland Region, VIC

Lorraine Rodda

lgrodda [at]

Celebrated World Labyrinth Day at the San Remo Meditation Labyrinth on the San Remo foreshore. A  local church community hold a regular labyrinth walk on the first Saturday of the month, as well as an annual Creative Spirit Festival on the Labyrinth Labyrinth.

A candelight walk is held every  New Years Eve.

Wangaratta Region, VIC

Leonie Brien

leoniebrien [at]

Celebrated '' World Labyrinth Day in Schools'' 2019 in both local schools, by having the children walk a canvas labyrinth.

Australian Capital Territory

Alison Meretini  - Territory Co-ordinator

alison [at]

Sue Sheridan

sue_sh17 [at]

The ACT regional group meets at the National Arboretum in Canberra every month for labyrinth walks - all welcome. 

Email:  admin [@]

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